composer, sound artist, guitar player and improviser born in Warsaw and currently based in Cologne (DE).
In his works he focuses on exploring different modes of continuous formation and disintegration of sound structures, the boundaries between noise and music in the conventional sense as well as creating contrasts and juxtaposing things that seem very distant at first glance. Through interdisciplinary collaborations he researches the influence of other media on the creative process and compositional work.





Lump (2023) —

composed for solo dance performance by YeoJin Kim;
costume design by Kora Hamm

isolated deoxyribonucleic acid (2022) — 

for electronics and recycled recordings; composed on the basis of prerecorded prenatal heartbeat and the image of isolated DNA; created for the exhibition of Hubert Humka's project entitled “DIVINE”

/pliːz//stɒp/(ˈbreɪkɪŋ/ɪt/ (2022) —

for violi, trumpet, clarinet/bass clarinet and electronics;

Premiered by Ensemble Musikfabrik on 1.07.2022;

Sara Cubarsi — violin
Marco Blaauw — trumpet
Carl Rosman — clarinet/bass clarinet

photo Hans Fahr