composer, sound artist, guitar player and improviser born in Warsaw and currently based in Cologne (DE).
In his works he focuses on exploring different modes of continuous formation and disintegration of sound structures, the boundaries between noise and music in the conventional sense as well as creating contrasts and juxtaposing things that seem very distant at first glance. Through interdisciplinary collaborations he researches the influence of other media on the creative process and compositional work.






R    o m a n t i c
A l t e r n a t i v  e
S       c h i z o p h r e n i c 
P   u  n  k 

RASP Lovers is Szymon Wojcik’s project that came to life in 2018. The main assumption underlying rasp music are contrasts, oxymorons, combining elements that are far apart from each other, creating constant tension between formation and desintegration of sound structures and exploring the boundaries between noise and conventional music. Their debut album “Romantic Alternative Schizophrenic Punk” was released on 26th October 2019 on Howard Records.


Szymon Wójcik - guitar, compositions
Jerzy Mączyński - saxophone, electronics
Marcel Baliński - piano
Rafał Różalski - double bass
Bartosz Szablowski - drums

 ©Monika Orpik

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