composer, sound artist, guitar player and improviser born in Warsaw and currently based in Cologne and Copenhagen.
In his works he focuses on exploring different modes of continuous formation and disintegration of sound structures, the boundaries between noise and music in the conventional sense as well as creating contrasts and juxtaposing things that seem very distant at first glance. 




TRAVEL ADAPTER _________________

Travel Adapter is an artistic collective of improvisers that came to life in fall 2019. In our music we try to combine different states of consciousness and embrace two faces of our collective nature — dark-east-european-post-punk-sadness and our admiration for the fragile-beauty-of-human-beings and all other wonderful creatures.

Compact and versatile Travel Adapter can do everything at once.The Travel Adapter is designed to connect all bipolar devices (without grounding) in over 150 countries.Thanks to the patented All-in-one system, the adapter is easy and safe to use.
Designed in Poland.


Emilia Gołos - piano, electronics
Szymon Wójcik - guitar, electronics
Michał Aftyka - double bass
Bartosz Szablowski - drums

©Józef Jakack

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